Luminous Ring

Luminous Ring

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Ever found yourself slipping in and out of plant zones?

Our luminous ring can provide full-spectrum light, so you won't have to miss your favorite plants! It can also perform photosynthesis and prevent ineffective growth. Your indoor garden will radiate a stunning green glow!

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Nobody to watch your plants? Are you sure?

So you are out of town, not a trace of sunlight on the forecast. Your parents are super mad about you, they don't care about your mini garden. Your boyfriend/girlfriend finally has some free time for BFFs, doesn't care about your plants. And that's when things got knocked in the 12th gear! You better bet your bottom dollar that our ring knows how to handle the problem!


This kind of plant lamp can provide all the light needed in the growth stage of plants

LED bulbs on each ring

illuminance is 30% higher than that of ordinary bulbs


A glowing ring can promote the growth of seedlings, control the spindle and prolong the flowering period.

Light Everywhere

High-quality LED illumination provides strong and even light for plants and brings you a larger lighting area.

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An amazing ring will deliver a new look to your space. A cozy atmosphere this shiny mate drops will make you super chill after a long and exhausting day. Lay down on your laziest spot, play your desired tune and hook up on an ultimate vibration. If you're a green addict like me, you'll probably illuminate the whole house, and why not? Isn't this amazing- having all this greenery and cozy space?!

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Do you need your spicy herbs even when there's a lack of sunlight and space outside?

You don't have to be a farmer to enjoy the benefits of growing your own food! Enjoy your favorite meal, spiced with fresh herb, grown by your hands! The Luminous Ring is perfect for anyone who wants to grow their own food but doesn’t have access to natural sunlight. With this device, you can grow healthy vegetables indoors all year.



You can glue one end of the acrylic bracket to the hole of the lamp and the other end to the flower pot. After connecting the power supply and choosing the lighting time, your potted plants will get a lovely angel halo to accompany them to grow up.


Our indoor plant grow lights can be used for miniature landscapes, seed germination, carnivorous plants, succulent plants, spice plants, herbs, and other indoor plants. It can also be widely used in gardening and flower exhibitions to make plants more natural and beautiful.


Luminous flux: 108.54 mm Light efficiency: 53.55mm/W Power: 2W Voltage: 5V Product type: LED plant light Material: Acrylic Acrylic bar: 25 cm / 9.83 inches Lightweight inner diameter: 6 cm/2.36 inches Outer diameter: 8 cm/3.14 inches Light source: light-emitting diode

Customer Reviews

Based on 25 reviews
Darlene Kovacek

Lamps Super! For a long time I was looking for something like this to put plants in the bathroom and do not put terrible phyto-lamps with unpleasant purple light. Small, but shine bright (last photo in the dark)

Nikki Ferry

Very nice and correct description of the lights. No issues here. The lights themself are very nice packaged in lux boxes. They also are a nice warm white color that's perfect for my terrariums.

Lauriane Feest

Received within the stipulated time frame, well embalads and works properly

Warren Fadel

the seller must get the highest compliment for his careful packaging. top rating. the product is good as well. A perfect seller who deserves more than 5 star

Hermina Zemlak

Looks great, thanks. These are strawberries. Will come back to comment on how they grow.

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