Pastiera, the Neapolitan Easter Cake

Apr 10, 21
Pastiera, the Neapolitan Easter Cake

Neapolitan Pastiera, Pastiera Napoletana in Italian, is a typical soft and fragrant Easter cake made in several familiar versions although the main ingredients are always the same: boiled wheat, ricotta and citrus fruit, orange blossom water or orange zest and lemon zest. If you don’t have orange blossom water you can use orange essence or orange peel as we did. Originally lard was used, but it is increasingly being replaced with butter or even half butter and half lard.

The filling is traditionally prepared the day before, as for the cream of wheat which is soaked for about 2-3 days so that the flavours are better released.
Using the pre-cooked is howewer a good and more manageable option that halves the time and makes preparation easier. You can find cooked wheat as ‘Grano Cotto‘ sold in jars on-line.

Pastiera was created in the 16th century and its recipe has been modified and perfected until it was recognised as a traditional food product of Campania.

Full recipe here ➡️

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